Pursuing past dues fines right move for city

Published 11:34 pm Wednesday, November 5, 2003

By Staff
The City of Brewton got out of the municipal court business just over a month ago. That change did not have an impact on the nearly $300,000 in unpaid fines that offenders have left hanging, though. And now the city is trying to do something about it.
The city council recently approved steps to work with the Dept. of Public Safety to revoke licenses of offenders who still owe the city money. That move resulted in 283 suspensions. The remaining outstanding fines belong to people who either do not have a license, or whose license has already been suspended.
Although many traffic fines amount to relatively little money for the city's coffers, put enough of them together and they quickly add up. Inattention to the problem led to its growing to over a quarter million dollars, but the city's recent focus on collecting the money it is owed should bring positive results.
In our view, the city council made a wise move when it made outstanding fine updates a regular part of its monthly meeting agenda. By paying attention to the nickels and dimes, the city stands to collect a great deal of money.
That's money which can be put back into city projects which will improve our community.

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