More this week on the Hart family

Published 12:09 am Wednesday, November 19, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature reporter
I am going to continue with the Hart family this week.
I told you a little about the families of Robert and Josiah Hart and their tragedy with the Indians. Robert had a son named Josiah who was wounded in the attack but lived to tell his story. He fought against the Indians as a private in Pouncey's Company, Blair's Battalion and became a captain in the same company, Welborn's Regiment.
After all his troubles with the Indians, Josiah married a Creek Indian girl named Mary Ann Barlow and they were the parents of Nancy, Chasey, Sarah, Dicey, Mary, Ellen, Jay L. and William R. I have little information on any of them except Dicey Elizabeth Hart (1848) who married John Henry Walther and they had Tabitha Freida Walther who married Try James Morris; Mary Ellen Walther who married John Lewis Haveard; Emma Lavena Walter who never married; Sam Walther who married first Ada Phillips and second, Eula Fuqua; William Charles Walther who married Nancy Ida Fuqua and Nancy Jane Walter who married Huey George W. Johnson.
In addition to Josiah, Robert Hart had a daughter who married Dan Powell, and another daughter, Chasey Caroline Hart who married Elisha Wilkerson. There may have been others.
Other brothers of Josiah and Robert Hart were Carr Hart (1805), Henry Hart (1809) and Jordan Hart who all married Maxey girls. They were the daughters of John Maxey (1782-1857) and Sarah Brooks, who were married in 1806. It is believed that Moses Hart married second, Susannah, and that would make Carr, Henry and Jordan half brothers of Robert and Josiah.
John and Sarah Maxey had Nancy Maxey (1807), who married Carr Hart and they were the parents of James Hart (1832), Mineva Hart (1832), Arninda Hart, Andrew Hart (1833), Madison Hart, Susannah Hart (1839), Mary Ann Hart (1841), Patsy Hart (1842), Delancy Hart (1844), Nancy Hart (1845) and John Hart (1848).
John and Sarah Maxey's daughter, Mary Ann Maxey (1816-1894) married Henry Hart and they had Jesse Hart, Deliah Hart, Elisha Hart (1831), Edwin Hart (1833), William Hart (1835), Moses Hart (1837), Mary Hart (1839), Sarah Hart (1841), John Hart (1843), Lydia Hart (1845), Cenia Hart (1847) and Zachariah Hart (1849).
Elizabeth Maxey (1825) married either Edwin Hart or Jordan Hart. I don't have anything on their family.
Other children of John and Sarah Maxey were Jarvis Maxey (1809-1849), Jesse Maxey (1815-1870), William Maxey (1824-1878) who married Eliza J. Briggs, Sarah Maxey (1826) who married Jesse B. Huggins, Allen Maxey (1827) who married Elizabeth Nichols and Preston Brooks Maxey (1832-1916) who married first Harriett Keahey and second, Lydia Ann Russell.
Then of course there is the family of another Hart who has descendants in this area. I may come back to him sometime in the near future.
Isaac Hart (1808), the son of Reuben Hart and Nancy Rigdon, settled in this area along with others in the family. Reuben Hart and Nancy Rigdon were the parents of Reuben Hart, who married Nelly Lamb, John Hart who married Milly Gurtman, William Hart, Joshua Hart, Isaac Hart (1808) who married Mary McArthur, Daniel Hart who married Katie McCaskill, Allen Hart who married Elizabeth Cawthon, Polly Hart who married Allen Jones, Andrew Jackson Hart who married Elizabeth Smith, Richard Hart and Dennis Hart who married Margaret McCaskill.
If you have a family you would like covered in this column, I invite you to contact me.
Anything you wish to share will be greatly appreciated. You never know just who might have some information that you could use.
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