Get out to the polls and vote this Tuesday

Published 1:28 am Sunday, December 7, 2003

By Staff
What more can be said about the vote coming up this Tuesday? Perhaps nothing new can really be added at this point, given the time and energy supporters of the new 10-mill education tax have put into campaigning for it. But some of the things that have been said bear repeating now, this final Sunday prior to what may be the most pivotal vote this county will exercise for years to come.
First and foremost, this is an important decision. It will impact lives -- most of them young lives, still full of promise -- immediately and for years to come. Getting an education is important, essential in today's competitive world. But equally important is the opportunity for a quality educational experience, one that involves more than just study of a few basic subjects.
Band is important. Athletics are important. Activities like these can play as big a role in developing well-rounded individuals as the information they glean from textbooks. But with a vote "no" Tuesday, programs such as these may be lost in many county schools.
The time an influential teacher is able to spend with a child can make all the difference in the world. I made the point last week that an encounter with a caring educator is, for many children, a turning point that influences them for the rest of their lives. But a vote "no" could lead to teachers being cut from the system, some of them before they have a chance to touch young lives in need of their guidance.
A strong school system is important. It is an essential part of any healthy, thriving community. If the county renews its existing three-mill education tax, and approves an additional 10-mill tax -- as voters are being asked to do Tuesday -- the schools here can continue as cornerstones. If not, they will grow weaker, potentially in a hurry, and our communities will be the worse for it.
Lastly, voting is important. If you believe in this tax, don't assume that just because the people you interact with on a daily basis feel the way you do that everyone else does. There are plenty out there who don't support the tax measure, and are chomping at the bit to vote it down.
Make sure sure that your voice is heard as well.

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