Old photos worth their weight in gold

Published 1:38 am Wednesday, December 10, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I want to give you a little bit more on the Wilson family that I didn't have room for last week.
Thomas Nathaniel Wilson and Lou Jena Monk were the parents of seven children: Lottie Mae Wilson (28 May 1905) who married William Lee Armstrong, Lola Verdie Wilson (8 Oct. 1909-9 July 1945) who married Louis Stevens, Lomie Girlie Wilson (20 Nov. 1906-19 Feb. 1954) who married Thomas Rodric Lynn, James Aubrey Wilson (20 Nov. 1911-June 1965) who married Ollie Bolden, Esie O'Dell Wilson (15 Feb. 1914-29 March 1974) who married Jessie Mae Marchant, Gladys Margaret Wilson (25 August 1916) who married first Benjamin Franklin Stokes, Jr., and second Richard Hessler, and Doris Evelyn Wilson (10 June 1926) who married Clifton Lee Haveard.
I had an exciting experience this week. I received a call from Peggy Bracken who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Peggy called me and asked me to come by her house. She said that Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Byrd of Laurel, Maryland had left some photos and they wanted her to get in touch with me.
I happily went to visit Peggy and found a gold mine.
Mrs. Byrd is descended from the Elston and Lucy Barber Luttrell family through their daughter, Annie Laurie Luttrell who married William Marshall Strong.
It seems that Mrs. Byrd found the photos after the death of her mother in south Florida.
I am going to copy all of them to a CD and then the photos will be returned to Mrs. Byrd. There are four of them that will be turned over to the Escambia County Historical Society.
They are of students at Brewton Collegiate Institute in the years of 1908-1910. The remarkable thing about them is that a couple of them list the names of the people in the photographs.
Most of the photos were made in 1928 and 1928 during floods. Now most of us have seen flood photos before, but these are different than any others I have seen.
I want to share them with you as much as I can. I hope you appreciate them for the history that they show.

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