Counting of votes was carried out efficiently

Published 2:09 am Monday, December 15, 2003

By Staff
During the last presidential election, thanks to the State of Florida's participation, we all got a chance to see how big a mess can be created by an outdated and out of whack set of voting machinery.
Gladly, Escambia County, Alabama appears not to be plagued by any such problems.
As the results of last Tuesday's school tax referendum flowed in, they did just that -- they flowed, without so much as a hitch. Everyone involved in the process of getting the votes from the precincts to the courthouse in Brewton, then seeing that they were counted quickly, did an outstanding job.
Important decisions -- such as the ones we go to the polls to vote on -- should be treated as such. That requires the forethought to have an effective system in place, and the effort to make sure it is used correctly.
Both were in evidence Tuesday night.

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