Another photograph out of past comes alive with names

Published 2:17 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I have another photograph to share with you this week. I hope you know some of these people or have heard of them. Some of them are not identified but most of them are. I am not a Brewton native but I know that I have seen the names in my writing and research. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have.
You will notice that the people in the photograph have numbers on or near them. The numbers correspond to the names below.
1. W.R. Holley, Principal; 2. G. Barnes; 3. Eleanor Davison; 4. unknown; 5. Melba Robbins; 6. Jessie Wilson; 7. Bessie Wiggins; 8. Ethel Greene; 9. unknown; 10. Ela Rogers; 11. Rufus Mayo; 12. Corrie Park; 13. Miss Edith Lockhart, teacher; 14. Gertrude Stokes; 15. Bessie Hill; 16. Minnie Mae Harold; 17. Annie R. Lovelace; 18. Mary Stewart; 19. Winnie Jernigan; 20. Esther Liles; 21. Mary Henderson; 22. Kate Marcus; 23. Mary M. McGowin; 24. Julia Park; 25. Julia Weaver; 26. Bessie Harold; 27. Lillian Morris; 28. Mary Arnold; 29. Edgar Downing; 30. Charles Jernigan; 31. James Rabb; 32. Bill Martin; 33. John Miller; 34. Ralph Larkin; 35. Leslie Holladay; 36. Mose Williamson; 37. Callaway Robertson; 38. Claud McCall; 39. Robert Boland; 40. Robert Weaver; 41. James Lovelace; 42. James Whitier; 43. J.F. Helmes; 44. Jonathan Lovelace; 45. Mary McClellan; 46. Basil Lovelace; 47. Superintendent R. P. Wills; 48. Kate Douglas; 49. Nell Douglas; 50. Stella Lovelace; 51. Joe Sowell; 52. Harry Rabb; 53. Malcomb McMillan; 54. Joe Holladay; 55. Charles Robbins; 56. Ethel Davison; 57. Sallie McClellan; 58. Agnes McConnell; 59. Louis Smith; 60. Harvey Luttrell and 61. Kenneth Perry.
Now I have had to read these names through a magnifying glass and there is plenty of room for doubt as to whether I got them right or not.
I would love to hear from you if you recognize anyone's photo or name. These photographs are so interesting and someone somewhere will know the people in them. Also let me hear from you if you are enjoying seeing them. I have some more. Many of them are from the 1928 and 1929 floods in downtown Brewton.

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