Troops one step closer to coming home

Published 2:29 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

By Staff
There are a lot of ways this week's capture by American forces of Saddam Hussein was a momentous development, one that will be a landmark event in our country's efforts to liberate Iraq. One way: many, many things have to happen before the Escambia Countians serving in harm's way over there can come home to their families, and one of them has just happened.
News of the capture must have come like an early Christmas present for the families of those fighting this war, as the event hopefully brings the conflict one step closer to an end. The bravery our soldiers have shown while searching for and capturing Hussein -- and carrying out numerous other dangerous but vital missions -- has been awe-inspiring.
During this, the season when we give thanks for all we are lucky to have, they have been an embodiment of those precious things. If they continue to serve as well as they have so far, then perhaps Hussein's capture will simply be the first in a line of dominoes that have to fall before they can come back home. If so, this week's good news may be a gift that keeps on giving for their families and friends back here at home.

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