Mayor's appointment feather in city's cap

Published 3:23 am Monday, December 29, 2003

By Staff
Congratulations are in order to Brewton Mayor Ted Jennings for his recent appointment to the National League Of Cities' Board of Directors. Jennings was appointed to the board on Dec. 13, at the League's annual Congress of Cities gathering in Nashville.
The mayor had it right when he said that his appointment to the board was "a real compliment to the City of Brewton."
The National League of Cities is the oldest and largest organization representing municipal governments in the country. It serves as an advocate for some18,000 cities, towns and villages of varying sizes from throughout the United States. In this capacity, the League is responsible for making sure the interests of America's hometowns are part of the national agenda.
It does this by urging Congress and the administration to keep hometown issues at the forefront of their thinking. Among those issues are matters of public safety, education, transportation and cities' authority over their own revenues -- important issues for cities everywhere, including Brewton.
While the League serves 18,000 American municipalities, there are only 40 city leaders chosen to serve on its board of directors. Jennings appointment is a feather in Brewton's cap. But it has more than just symbolic value. It makes Jennings -- and by extension our city -- a more central part of the landscape on which important decisions are being made, and agenda items are being set.
"A real compliment" indeed.

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