New Reverse 911 system a good thing for county

Published 3:42 am Wednesday, December 31, 2003

By Staff
Feeling safer is sometimes the best we can hope for in emergency situations. We cannot stop tornadoes, floods or dangerous winds, but if notified early enough, we can work to secure the safety of our families, businesses and community.
Escambia County's new Reverse 911 system will have the ability to alert everyone in the county when dangerous weather approaches.
Even if power is out in a community and there's no access to television or radio for severe weather updates, people in their homes will know when safety precautions need to be taken.
The system can also be used in specific areas for other situations, like missing child cases. If a child is lost, everyone in the surrounding area could be notified, increasing law enforcement's search power.
The system will allow local law enforcement, emergency medical services and 911 operators to work more efficiently under difficult circumstances, without sacrificing the safety or concerns of area residents.
Reverse 911 can also be used as a tool for keeping the community informed about non-threatening situations like local events.
Along with the new Reverse 911 system, the county's new 911 system features several improvements, including the ability to locate callers using cell phones.
The county has been working since November to install the system and their work is almost complete. Soon, we will all have access to the service and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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