Vaccine made available to county health department

Published 4:35 am Monday, January 12, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Assistant Editor
More flu vaccine was made available at the Escambia County Health Department this week, according to Dan St. Onge, immunization program manager for the Alabama Department of Public Health.
About 10 to 20 doses were to be available on a first come, first served basis Wednesday.
The doses are pediatric doses, intended for children between the ages of six months and three years, but depending on need, they may be doubled and given to adults, St. Onge said.
If you are interested in getting a shot, please contact the health department at 867-5765.
The CDC determines how much vaccine is needed in each area and distributes it accordingly.
The Escambia County Health Department administered about 3,500 flu vaccines this flu season before running out in December.
The Centers for Disease Control reports that flu activity is widespread in Alabama right now and peak activity is yet to come. Though the flu is widespread now, the number of cases will not reach its peak in Escambia County until January or February.
The flu vaccine is 84 percent effective in preventing the flu.
According to the CDC, the following symptoms are more common with flu than with a cold: fever, severe headache, severe muscle aches, extreme tiredness and severe cough.
To avoid illness this flu season, the CDC recommends the following: get the flu vaccination, avoid contact with people who are sick, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.