City's leaking roof will have to wait for now

Published 5:11 am Monday, January 19, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Assistant Editor
The home of the City of Brewton's offices, Brewton Municipal Complex, is in good shape, but one problem needs attention -- a leaking roof.
At its meeting on Jan. 13, the Brewton City Council authorized city clerk John Angel to continue investigating solutions for the Brewton Municipal Complex's leaky roof problem.
Currently, the roof is paved with tar and a layer of gravel.
After conferring with three local businesses -- Wedgeworth Roofing, Maranatha Heating and Cooling and Brewton Air Conditioning -- Angel has recommended that the roof problem be corrected by removing the existing layer of tar and gravel and replacing it with a layer of vulcanized rubber, wood and then a second layer of vulcanized rubber.
The remedy is yet to be approved by the council.
It will be at least spring before repairs can be made, Angel said, because the materials require temperatures above 50 degrees.
At this point, the roof leak is merely a cosmetic problem, causing discoloration of ceiling tiles.
Though there has been no water running in through the ceiling or water collecting in light fixtures, that could become a problem in the future, Angel said.
Besides the roof repair, the Brewton Municipal Complex has not lately needed any maintenance beyond things like painting and light bulb replacement, which do not need the approval of city council, Angel said.
Under state bid law, only actions costing more than $7,500 have to be bid out, while those under $7,500 are paid for through a line item in the budget for maintenance, Angel said.
The city moved into its current building in December of 1996, after being housed downtown since 1939.
What was formerly the Brewton City Hall is now the location of Hope Place.
Before the city took over use of the municipal complex, the buildings housed the National Guard Armory.
The Brewton Municipal Complex serves as home to the city clerk's office, utilities office, the Brewton Chamber of Commerce, Brewton police Department, the mayor's office and city council's chambers. Located behind these offices, also part of the complex, is the Brewton Community Center, which can be reserved for wedding receptions, dances, parties and other get-togethers, Angel said.

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