How to experience forgiveness

Published 5:09 am Monday, January 19, 2004

By Staff
God offers to man a deal which is a no-brainer, better than dreams and beyond imagination. This deal bathes the soul, cleans a life and releases from guilt. The proposal by God is forgiveness for human beings.
A distinct theme in the Holy Bible is forgiveness by God. Matthew 6:12 reveals that we are to pray for God to forgive our trespasses. Exodus 34:7 indicates that forgiving folk is part of God's nature. 2 Chronicles 30:18-20 shows that forgiveness is a type of healing by God. Matthew 18:23-35 is a story told by Jesus about the forgiveness of releasing a man from his obligation to his master. God knew about man's need for forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an incredible wonder to experience. Every human sins and is in need of the grace and mercy of God which makes one's relationship with God right. There are three aspects to analyze and apply in order to experience forgiveness.
First, look at the condition of your life. What is the status of your relationship with God today? Everybody sins. Denial is a common problem as folk think only other people miss the mark of God's will for their lives. Honesty about one's relationship with God is essential. Ask God to identify anything in your life currently which is wrong and He will reveal it to you.
Second, look at the conditions to meet for forgiveness. Repentance and confession are mandatory for forgiveness.
Acts 2:38 stresses that one must repent for his sins to get forgiveness. Repentance is being so sorry for your sin that you discontinue it and go God's direction.
I John 1:9 emphasizes that confession is part of forgiveness. Confession is putting into words, owning up to actions and accepting responsibility for your deeds. What do you need to repent for and confess today?
Third, look at the condition you will be in when you get forgiveness. Isaiah 1:18 states you will be white like snow or wool. Isaiah 38-17 declares that God will throw behind His back the sins of repentant people. Jeremiah 31:34 proclaims that God remembers sin no more when He forgives it. Psalm 103:12 asserts that God removes sin from a life farther than the east is from the west when He forgives it. I John 1:9 tells that God cleanses a soul when He forgives. So, the results of forgiveness should draw us to God with an attraction greater than light to a bug or metal to a magnet.
Forgiveness is a universal need for every person. We say, do or think things which we shouldn't. Identify the aspects of your life which do not please God. Cease the sin. Go the direction in life as scripture teaches. Then, the words of Psalm 32:1 will be yours, "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." Meet God's conditions for forgiveness and experience a dramatic change in your life's condition today.

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