Alert system welcome

Published 5:38 am Wednesday, January 21, 2004

By Staff
One of the best examples of law enforcement and the general public working together productively over the past few years has been the AMBER Alert system. The system is a partnership between law enforcement and broadcasters which allows police to make the public aware immediately when a child has been abducted.
This puts people in the vicinity of the crime on the alert, providing thousands of extra eyes and ears to help locate the child. The system has worked well in other parts of the country, allowing police in some cases to locate and rescue children before they've come to any harm.
Nothing is more horrifying than the possibility of a child being taken by someone who intends to hurt them, but unfortunately it's a possibility law enforcement and communities as a whole have to be prepared for. The Brewton Police Department is set up to issue AMBER Alerts should the need ever arise here. Hopefully, it won't. But better safe than sorry when looking after young people. They depend upon us to be their eyes and ears, especially in times of trouble.

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