Kindness shown makes an impression

Published 5:37 am Wednesday, January 21, 2004

By Staff
While passing though the Brewton area last week, my journey was interrupted by a collision with a tractor-trailer. When my camper-van stopped skidding on its side, the first person I saw was a young woman, phoning authorities while walking toward me.
I was helped out of my van through the smashed windshield by two men who pulled the glass away so I could exit. A woman with two blankets to prevent shock came running. Others stopped at the intersection to see if I was alright and to find out if there was something they could do. A young man with a black pick-up, apparently unconcerned that I might get blood on his cab seat, offered and then wisely insisted that I sit down in his truck.
The state police were there in a matter of minutes, the EMTs and their ambulance moments thereafter. I was soon at the hospital and being very well looked after. Professionals who knew what they were doing--every one.
Because of my injured state, all of these people, professionals and passers-by are nameless to me, but I will never forget their kindness, selflessness and eagerness to pitch in to help a total stranger in need. "This is America," I said to myself, "This is America."
Buffalo, NY

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