East Brewton council has first Feb. meeting

Published 7:23 am Wednesday, February 11, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Assistant Editor
East Brewton's city council met Monday to discuss several items of business, including the possibility of recycling services for the city.
At the council's last meeting, council member Bettie Jordan inquired about the possibility, and at Monday's meeting, Mayor Terry Clark said that he would contact BFI to ask about putting a recycling bin somewhere in town.
In other business, the mayor asked the East Brewton Police Department to pay particular attention to a resident who has disturbed his neighbors by revving a motorcycle late at night.
In new business the council discussed attending a banquet being hosted by the Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 26.
Also, council member Huey Johnson raised concerns about dealing with stray dogs.
The mayor suggested that until arrangements can be made within East Brewton, dogs will be taken to the Brewton animal shelter. The city is investigating what it will cost to use Brewton's shelter.
East Brewton will consider building a new dog pound for the city at some time in the future.
Finally, the council decided that salaries for the upcoming mayor and council would not be changed after this year's election, and council members will still be elected "at large" rather than by districts.