This week a good time to focus on heart health

Published 8:07 am Wednesday, February 18, 2004

By Staff
A healthy heart is something none of us should take for granted, but many of us do. But doing so is a mistake, because a healthy heart is a gift, and, like good health in general, it should be valued and treated as the precious commodity that it is.
Any one who questions that should take a look at the photo on the front page of today's paper, in which young Anna Collins is featured.
As many in the community know, Anna had to have a heart transplant when she was only 14-months-old. She's doing fine, and we look forward to her continuing to do fine over the course of a full, rich life. One thing we can all be pretty certain of is that Anna will never take her heart's health for granted the way too many of us do.
If you're not already focusing on habits and activities that promote a healthy heart, now's a good time to begin. Many in Brewton will be doing their part over the next few days to raise money and awareness for heart-related health issues by participating in the American Heart Association's Cardiac Arrest Program. Funds raised will go toward promoting awareness of heart-healthy habits and raising money for research into preventive measures and cures.
Take a cue from this and other heart-healthy events and, if you're not doing so already, make a change or two in your life that helps you take care of your heart. It's never too late to start.

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