It may seem intrusive, but survey is important

Published 8:26 am Monday, February 23, 2004

By Staff
Hopefully, relief is on the way for residents living near a sewage pumping station on Martin Luther King Drive in Brewton. The city is applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to either repair or relocate the pumping station, which has caused problems for people living near it in the past, especially during periods of heavy rainfall.
The CDBG application process is competitive -- there will be other cities applying for the same monies Brewton wants. That makes it imperative that they city dots all i's and crosses all t's as it's putting together its application for the grant its seeking. And it needs residents' help in doing so.
One of the most important parts of the grant application process requires city workers to conduct a survey in the area work is to be done. Questions about household income, the number of people living in a home and those residents' age, sex and race are all part of the survey that will be undertaken.
People living in the area will also be asked about problems the pumping station's performance has caused them in the past.
While taking time out to answer a survey may be an inconvenience, and some of the questions may seem intrusive, residents should keep in mind that the potential payoff is worth it. Getting good survey information is an important part of the city being able to fix a part of their neighborhood that is broken.
The surveys should begin around the end of this month, and we encourage all residents in the Martin Luther King Drive area to participate, and to be forthcoming with any information needed.
This is a chance for the city and its taxpayers to work together and do some good.

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