Congratulations in order for Citizens of the Year

Published 9:08 am Monday, March 1, 2004

By Staff
Congratulations to Joe and Carol Gordy on their selection as Brewton's Citizens of the Year at the Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce's annual membership banquet this past week. The presentation not only speaks well of the Gordys and the tremendous work they do in the community -- it also speaks well of the community itself, to have such an accomplished and involved couple on whom to bestow the Citizen of the Year honor.
Not that that's anything new. The Chamber has been presenting a Citizen of the Year Award annually since the early sixties, and each time the honor has gone to deserving people whose accomplishments reflected well on themselves and on Brewton. No doubt, in any given year a long list could be compiled of people more than deserving of the award, making this a tough decision each time around.
This year was no exception, as many in our community have done work that's made an impact over the course of the past year. But the Gordys are an excellent choice. We have many sources of industrial pride here, and their company, Natural Decorations, Inc., is certainly among them. They're the best in the world at what they do. And Joe's work on the Tree and Beautification Committee, and Carol's toward revitalizing our downtown have made invaluable positive impacts all of us can see everyday.
Congratulations to the Gordys on the award, and the good work they do here. It's the kind of effort that's much appreciated now, and will be for years to come.