Shelter should be kept in mind when pets sought

Published 9:47 am Tuesday, March 9, 2004

By Staff
A pet can make a wonderful addition to a person's life. Anyone with a dog, cat or other animal that means a lot to them will tell you that. Pets provide fun and companionship for individuals and families, and most require very little in the way of care, making them affordable even for those on a fixed or limited income.
And for everyone, young and old, the right pet is out there somewhere, just waiting to be adopted and taken to a caring home.
They may well be at the Brewton Animal Shelter. If you're in the market for a pet, it's worth making a trip down to the shelter to find out. The shelter does a good job of promoting the adoption of animals that it takes in, or that have been captured by animal control officers. They run an ad in The Standard promoting a new pet each week, and also distribute information about adoptable animals at businesses and local events.
This has made for a good adoption rate -- about one pet a day. But there are many more animals at the shelter deserving of new homes, and we encourage our readers to keep them in mind when thinking of a pet for themselves or someone else.
Just as a pet can mean a lot to a person, a person can mean the world to a dog or cat who's looking for a new home.

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