Things turn around with age

Published 9:49 am Tuesday, March 9, 2004

By Staff
Y'all want to hear a little secret? Something I don't typically tell many people?
Y'all do? Really? Cool. Without further ado, here's my secret -- I hated writing when I was growing up.
I'm serious. Hated it with a passion. I didn't like writing term papers, didn't like writing themes, didn't like doing research projects -- bottom line, I just flat hated to write. So, given that, I wonder just what in the devil has happened to me?
In the past few years:
1) I've written three book-length manuscripts. Two of those have been published, "Sex, Dead Dogs and Me," and my current book -- which you should go out and purchase right now -- "Rough As A Cob." There's also a third booklength manuscript, and I'm in negotiations regarding it being published right now. On account of that, I've begun writing a fourth book, cause you have to be ready when a publisher tells you that they want to put another book out. So I'm working on number four just in case they want another one after three.
2) I've completed almost 140 columns. It amazes me to say this, but I've been writing "Free Wheelin

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