Hospital event this Sunday

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, March 10, 2004

By Staff
It's not often you get a chance to stand in one spot, and from that vantage point have a great view of the past, present and future all at once. It only happens at certain special times, landmark moments during which people are inclined to take in everything that's gotten them where they are, and all that's possible from that point forward.
One such landmark moment will take place here in Brewton this Sunday, March 14 when D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital celebrates its 50th anniversary. The hospital will be looking back over half a century of good works in the community, while looking ahead to a future that promises more of the same.
Sunday marks the hospital's 50th anniversary to the day. The hospital was dedicated during ceremonies held March 14, 1954, then opened its doors to the people of Brewton, East Brewton and Escambia County a few days later, on March 17.
When writing about the origins of an institution that's gone on to great success, there's a natural tendency to fall back on cliches referring to the "humble beginnings" from which later triumphs grew. But that really wouldn't fit the bill here, as the hospital's early days were anything but humble.
Those who envisioned the hospital started off aiming high, and largely hit the mark from day one. That's due to a lot of factors, not the least of which is where the facility is located. Many will tell you that it's always been an unusually progressive and well-equipped small town hospital because of the generosity and hard work of the people of Brewton, East Brewton and Escambia County.
They're right. Along with many other amenities the area's civic-mindedness has produced is a much higher quality healthcare facility than you would expect to find in a community the size of ours.
That spirit began with a gift from the late D.W. McMillan, whose name the hospital bears, and has carried over during the ensuing years.
In looking ahead to the hospital's anniversary, The Standard put together a commemorative magazine entitled "Past, Present, Future…Celebrating 50 Years of Caring for our Community." Producing the magazine meant spending some time at the hospital, meeting people I hadn't met before and becoming more familiar with the facility itself.
You couldn't ask for a nicer and more accomodating group than those currently working at the hospital. I made the remark to one employee there that she certainly works with a great group of people, and that was an understatement. The hospital's staff members speak well of the institution itself.
The public is invited to attend the hospital's celebration this Sunday, and we encourage everyone who can to do so.
The hospital has played a critical role in the community over the years, bringing babies into the world, healing the sick and injured and facilitating the dissemination of information aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. It's an institution that's done a lot of good, and Sunday offers an excellent opportunity for us all to stop in and show that we've appreciated it.

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