Writer needs your help with information

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, March 17, 2004

By Staff
I think I will have to do a couple more articles on the Downing Shofner School because of the calls that I have gotten.
This letter is one written by Rev. Shofner's daughter, Inez Shofner Murray. Her brother's letter was written in 1973 and that may have been the same with this one too.
I will stop with this as I have a request to ask. I have it on my mind to do a story on the old Blacksher (or Blackshear) home located near Alco Baptist Church. It has become a dumping ground for every type of garbage, including leftovers of drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The windows are broken and it is looking really bad. But, the front porch is made up of the most beautiful Italian tiles. I have had the place on my mind and would love to tell the story of this home that has gone down so badly. If you have any information about the place, please get in touch with me here at The Brewton Standard or call me at 867-4876. My purpose in doing a story is not to tell any kind of seedy story but to tell how this once beautiful place has come to look so badly.

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