Domestic violence efforts are doing good here

Published 11:06 am Monday, March 22, 2004

By Staff
Unfortunately, the scourge of domestic violence is never going to be eliminated. It's a problem that has been with us forever, and that's not going to change. Just as good, decent people enter into relationships, so do thugs inclined to use violence against others, especially those weaker than themselves.
The consequences are often tragic. Like a lot of criminal behaviors, the tendency toward acts of domestic violence is somehow ingrained in those who perpetrate it. It's part of who and what they are. And unless they begin wearing signs around their necks, there's very little society can do in terms of preventive action --we know about them only after they hurt someone, and hopefully that's not too late for the victim or victims to get help, get away.
All too often, that in itself is a battle, as there is a relationship at the core of these incidents, and even those on the receiving end of abuse often find it very difficult to end things.
Escambia County's Domestic Violence Task Force does a good job of helping in the wake of such incidents, and should be commended. But if you know of anyone in an abusive relationship, encourage them to get out of it and seek help as soon as possible, before things get any worse. Members of the task force do excellent work, but they'd be more than happy to do less of it if it meant a few of these tragic occurrences were somehow headed off early.

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