He's a winner in more ways than one

Published 11:14 am Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Feature Reporter
Ben Nelson hasn't been living in Brewton for very long but he is making an impact on the youth in his church, First Presbyterian Church of Brewton. He is the new Youth Director at the church and is very excited about being able to work with the very impressionable youth in the church.
His latest claim to fame has nothing to do with his job at the church, but has everything to do with the character of the young man.
March 31, 2004 the baseball game between the University of Alabama and the University of South Alabama will take time out to pay honor to Ben Nelson as he will be named the 2002-2003 Sunbelt Conference Male Sportsman of the Year for USA.
He and his family will be treated very well at the game next week. They will have their own special seating section and will be recognized during the game."
Nelson grew up in Mobile and attended St. Paul's Episcopal School. He played all types of sports in school but excelled in baseball and football.
Sports were not all that he excelled in while he was in school though. Academically he did very well and won both an athletic and academic scholarship to South Alabama..
Nelson found what he was searching for through his Christian beliefs and many of the things he became part of were the same things that contributed to his being named as Sportsman of the Year.
The award for which Nelson is being honored had more to do with his character than with anything else.
With his graduation in the fall of 2003 he prepared to enter into his chosen profession of being a history teacher and actually got a chance to teach at his old school, St. Paul's.
He was married to another student, Katie, at South Alabama just before he graduated and she is still making the drive back to Mobile to earn her degree in phychology. She is from Enterprise and wants to use her degree to someday work one on one with those who need her help.
Both would like to someday be involved in missionary work together.
Nelson became acquainted with the new Presbyterian minister John Mathieu while he was in Mobile and they came to Brewton about the same time. They are enjoying being new at the same time. Both seem very energetic and work well together. First Presbyterian Church in Brewton is definitely lucky to have gotten two so dedicated workers in the last few months.
For those who would love to attend the ceremony in Mobile on March 31, you should get your tickets. It would be very interesting to see how many show up to support this young man.
Nelson said that it won't even matter if some Alabama fans show up and cheer for them.
Join Nelson for his special day and let those hometown people of Mobile know just how much he means to those lives he touches in Brewton.

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