New mural is coming to life in downtown Brewton

Published 11:19 am Wednesday, March 24, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
A couple of years ago Brewton was made more beautiful when Wes Hardin painted on a downtown building a mural depicting the timber and lumber business, which many believe to be the industry that built Brewton. Since that time the mural has become a landmark attraction for those coming into Brewton. No matter how many times one looks at the mural there are still new things to be noticed. There is no doubt that the mural has caused much reminiscing of the old days of working in the woods in the timber business.
The Brewton Tree and Beautification Board has once again been able to retain Hardin to paint another mural to grace the side of building downtown. The Board realizes that Brewton's historical downtown district should be used as an advantage. Over the years some stores have been torn down and some have deteriorated to the point of being taken down. This has left several empty spots that have become eyesores to the neighborhood.
One only has to look at what has happened with Burnt Corn Creek Park to see what a lot of care and concern can do to turn an ugly spot into a thing of beauty. Today the park is attracting more and more walkers, runners and even disk golf players.
The corner of Mildred Street next to the railroad tracks has become a mass of red clay mud every time it rains, and sometimes it is completely covered with 18-wheeler trailers. Through a lot of work and persistence, the Board has finally made arrangements with the family that owns the building to paint a mural on it and to turn the mud hole into a mini park. The mural being painted on the side of the building now is only the beginning. The committee has many other plans for the future and the community as a whole is not responsible for the cost of the many changes being made.
Who can forget the many hanging baskets located around town last spring and summer? That, too, is a project of the Tree and Beautification Board. Plans are already underway to put the baskets up again and add even more up and down the streets.
But the one project that is on everyone's mind at the present time is what is happening on the wall next to Watson Jeans. The committee working on the mural project have come up with a design that features several areas. The old courthouse will represent the history of government; the old United Methodist Church will represent the religious history of the area; the Lovelace Hotel will represent the commercial side of the town while the other view will be of the old depot and a representation of Edmund Troupe Bruton for whom the town was named. Edmund Troupe Bruton was the first railroad agent and when the name was raised on the depot, there was a slight misspelling of the name and thereafter the Brutons became Brewtons.
It is interesting to note that there are no citizens living in the area at this time with the surname of Brewton. However, there is someone living here with the name of Bruton and as no one has been able to find a true likeness of the original Edmund Troupe Bruton, the painting on the mural will bear a close resemblance to Leon Bruton.
Keep your eyes on the wall for the next few weeks and you will see it take shape. Maybe it will even conjure some memories.