Use change of time as a fire safety reminder

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, March 24, 2004

By Staff
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working smoke detectors in your home can reduce your chance of dying in a fire by 50 percent.
Don't take for granted that because there are smoke detectors in your home that they are functioning properly or are installed in adequate numbers. The CDC suggests that as you set your clocks forward on April 4 for Daylight Savings Time, you also thoroughly test your smoke detectors and replace their batteries.
The CDC also offers the following tips on smoke detector placement:
Keep in mind that children under the age of five and adults over the age of 65 are most susceptible to fire-related death or injuries. Familiarize your children with the alarms and what they should do in the case of a fire. If you have an elderly friend or family member who lives alone, check their smoke detectors and replace batteries too.
It's a good idea to make this a springtime habit so that you know all year, your family will be safer in the event of a fire.

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