Committee decorates area with planters

Published 11:56 am Wednesday, March 31, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Managing Editor
For the second year in a row, the Brewton Tree and Beatification Committee is beautifying the city with the installation of hanging planters downtown and in the surrounding area.
One hundred and fifty hanging baskets -- 50 more than last year -- are being hung along the streets of downtown, on Hwy. 31 South, on Hwy. 41 and into East Brewton.
About 100 of the planters, filled with petunias, asparagus fern, coleus, dusty miller, begonia and plumbego, were hung this week, and the remainder will go up in the next few weeks, said Don Grosso, operations manager at NDI.
For the 50 new baskets, hangers will have to be installed on light poles, but first the committee needs approval from the power company, said committee member Bob Hayes.
The Tree and Beautification Committee started installation early this year so that the decorations will be up in time for this week's Tour of Homes.
At least two bus loads of visitors are expected to be in Brewton today for Art and Architecture, Brewton's Spring Tour of Homes to benefit the Jefferson Davis Community College Foundation.
Joe Gordy chose plants to be used for the baskets, and they were prepared and planted at NDI in the past week.
When Gordy returns from a trip to China next week, the last 50 planters will be prepared for hanging.
The Tree and Beautification Committee also has another project in the works that will adorn downtown with flowers.
About 40 flower boxes similar to the new ones in front of the Tomato Cafe are being contructed to be placed around downtown within the next month, Hayes said.