East Brewton has done well with new shopping

Published 12:21 pm Wednesday, April 7, 2004

By Staff
Bringing in new business interests is at or near the top of almost every city's list of priorities, as well it should be. Building the tax base that contributes to a community's schools, infrastructure and level of public services is among the most important things local governments and the people who run them can do.
By seeking and drawing in new businesses, civic leaders contribute not only to those currently populating them, but to future generations as well, helping to provide a strong foundation on which their cities can grow and thrive.
With this in mind, we applaud the efforts of East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark and the East Brewton City Council in shepherding development of the new shopping center going up adjacent to Fred's. The center's first tenant opens its doors today, with other businesses soon to follow.
Representatives of the Arkansas-based company behind the center have described East Brewton as "very pro-business," a label the city can wear proudly as it uses this success as a springboard for others.

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