May God's life be yours

Published 12:29 pm Monday, April 12, 2004

By Staff
Sometime ago I read a interesting newspaper article entitled "The Long Arm of The Law." The article recorded that the local police department continued sending notices of dozens of unpaid tickets to Ellie. The last notice contained the threat of an arrest of her husband. She could not believe how the notices persisted in spite of her futile attempts to correct the matter. You see, the problem was that her husband had been dead for over a year. She had sold his car within a month of his death and the new owner had almost averaged a ticket per week. Ellie attempted once again to clarify the oversight by writing a good natured note to the police. She sent the detailed information of his death and added these words. "I hope you find my husband. If you do, bring him back to me. I miss him terribly."
The beauty of the story is the fact that what the law can not do, God can!
God fought the last enemy of death and won. God took the blow of the great intrudes of life and got up again. He has provided a way for all of us to enjoy a great reunion day.
I have, like many of you, and like Ellie, experienced the hurt of sorrow and separation. Maybe for some of you it is a very fresh and recent experience, almost too much to endure. Maybe you have asked the question recorded in the book of Job 14:14 "If a man dies shall he live again?" Thank God, the answer is a resounding Yes! God's response to death is persistence in touching over 140,000 families a day in our country in the replacement of the fear of death with the death of fear.
No person has to face the ultimate grave question without security and hope for an eternal joy. His resurrection power is still effectively reaching people today. His long arm desires to embrace us with great love and lead us into his everlasting presence along with other believers who have gone before. (1 Corinthians 15:22)
Death did something terrible to Jesus, but Jesus did something wonderful to death. (Corinthians 15:55)
May God's life be yours.

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