One woman's good deed sets an example for all

Published 1:13 pm Monday, April 19, 2004

By Staff
As mentioned in a front page story in this edition of The Brewton Standard, one Brewton woman has planned an extraordinary trip to raise awareness of an issue she feels strongly about -- the needs of less fortunate people in our community.
Lisa Thomas started Carlisa, Inc. in 2000 to help those people and now she provides about 160 meals each week to the elderly and needy.
With her walk to Montgomery at the end of this month, she's chosen to not only make serving the needy her vocation, but to show our community and policy makers her extreme physical and emotional dedication to the cause.
No matter how many pairs of shoes and bottles of water and prayers it takes a "regular" person to walk 110 miles in less than a week, Thomas is determined to do it because she wants a better life -- not for herself -- but for the elderly and working poor who she's seen struggling. The journey will be a demanding one, and Thomas's selflessness should be an inspiration to the rest of us to take those tough steps for the things we believe in.
One of her goals is to show that one person can make a difference, and we hope she does.