This Saturday brings a chance to 'Clean Up'

Published 1:25 pm Wednesday, April 21, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
The Greater Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce, along with the cities of Brewton and East Brewton will participate in a community wide Earth Day Clean Up Saturday, April 24.
This is an effort to remind the community of the importance of keeping the environment clean and safe.
Earth Day has been a part of society since the first one was held in April 1970. Leading up to the 1960s, little attention was paid to the the deterioration of the world we live in.
During those years of protests and activism, one of the things most talked about was the environment and what the public was doing with it.
Fish kills were reported.
There was worry about pesticides and many of the lakes and streams were becoming so polluted it was affecting our food system and even the air we breathe. The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland was so inundated with oil and toxic chemicals that it burst into flames.
Senator Gaylord Nelson, Senator from Wisconsin, had been frustrated for years that no one was doing anything about what was happening. It was through him and his leadership that volunteers, and finally, the government, organized the first Earth Day.
That spirit has led to an annual Earth Day. East Brewton and Brewton take the day to remind the public to clean up and clean out those items that can't normally go in the trash can or garbage.
Between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. residents will have access to the Jay Road Landfill for one day only free of charge to dispose of trash. No household garbage, no food stuff and no chemicals will be allowed. No televisions or office equipment such as computers, typewriters or adding machines will be allowed. Old tires and appliances may be taken to the Jay Landfill.
Automobile batteries may be taken to the Brewton City Shop on St. Nicholas Avenue, to Advance Auto Parts or to Auto Zone.
Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone will also take automobile oils.
The City of East Brewton will have their trash truck available for East Brewton residents. For pickup they may call 867-7998.
Dumpsters will be located on a lot between Blacksher Lane and apartment buildings in Alco, Burnt Corn Creek Park, parking lot behind Wal-Mart and the area surrounding the Brewton Middle School.
The environment belongs to everyone and it is up the public to keep it clean.
For additional information call the Chamber at 867-3224 or East Brewton City Hall at 867-6092.

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