Relay for Life began with one man's desire to help

Published 2:08 pm Thursday, April 29, 2004

By Staff
The Brewton Standard has reported recently on the efforts of two local people to travel the distance in honor of causes they feel strongly about -- Lisa Thomas with her planned walk to Montgomery to raise awareness about the struggle of the poor, and Bill Thallemer's Run for Rebecca Ann to raise funds for the medical care of the ailing infant.
Well, Relay for Life also began with the determination of one person. In 1985, Dr. Gordy Klatt of Tacoma, Wash. raised $27,000 for the American Cancer Society by walking and running for 24 hours straight -- logging a total of 83 miles.
Now the American Cancer Society reports that Relay for Life events are being held in more than 3,800 communities across the nation and in other countries. This means that thousands of people put their time and energy each year into an event honoring the memory of those who have been lost to cancer and celebrating the lives of those who have survived it -- all inspired by one man's desire to make a difference.
Beginning at 6 p.m. this Friday, 12 local teams will participate in the Brewton Area Relay for Life at T.R. Miller High School, and they deserve our support.
The success of the event, to benefit the American Cancer Society and cancer research, depends not only on those people who pledge their time to walk through the night, but on everyone who pledges a few dollars in support of the walkers. Another valid and appreciated way to show support would be to stop by the T.R. Miller track on Friday night or Saturday to cheer on the volunteers. The legacy of Dr. Klatt has proven that the efforts of a few can mean a big impact on many.

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