Dispose of questionable materials in the right way

Published 2:22 pm Monday, May 3, 2004

By Staff
At some point, everyone winds up with something they know they don't need anymore, but which they're unsure how to go about getting rid of. It's happened to all of us. Normally, these items are larger than the usual discarded scrap of junk we'd feel comfortable kicking to the curb, and often they performed some sort of mechanical function at one time.
There's always that moment of indecision when looking to rid one's self of something like this -- you wonder if you should try leaving it by the side of the road, gambling that the trash collector will come along and whisk the unwanted item off to the landfill -- out of sight, and out of your life. Or should you call someone first, and make sure you're disposing of the unwanted junk in the proper fashion, just in case it's not something BFI can or will pick up.
Here's a good rule of thumb: if you have to stop and wonder, call someone first. As discussed during the last meeting of the Brewton City Council, BFI won't pick up old computers, TVs or refrigeration equipment. Those have to be disposed of through the landfill on Jay Road. If you have something similar you're trying to throw away, call the city and ask whether or not it's appropriate to leave the item by the street.
Maybe it's an old TV or computer, or even something as large as a refrigerator. Whatever the case, dispose of it properly. Above all, make sure it doesn't wind up lying around, going nowhere, and creating an eyesore.
There are people who let that happen, much to the consternation of their neighbors and those passing by. Heck, some people even let it happen with old cars, but as was also discussed by the council last week, they'll soon be towing those away.

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