Kids busy with 4-H contests

Published 2:18 pm Monday, May 3, 2004

By Staff
We had a wild explosion of 4-H Dairy posters and unique t-shirt designs in my office recently. Posters seemed to be everywhere. They were in every nook, cranny and vacant spot in my office. It was an awesome sight.
About seventy youngsters from all over the county submitted posters to be judged in this year's event. They were not only unique but each was very creative. The youth had a wonderful time developing their masterpieces.
It's no wonder we had so many participants. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRSC) staff including Andrea Chavers and Anne Cross served as judges and they had a very tough time making the final decision.
Royal thanks are extended to all the teachers and parents who encouraged their children to take part in the contest. You gave wonderful support!
The overall winner is Dustin Boutwell, a fourth grader at Pollard McCall School. His t-shirt design will be silk-screened onto t-shirts and you may purchase one for only $7.50. You can order one through this office. Just call or come by and place your order. It comes in all sizes.
The following is a list of names and schools of all Brewton area participants.
Pollard McCall Fourth Grade
Cody Wells, Lauren Lambeth, Brett Newton, Max Wilcox, Megan Blair, Chace Godwin Michael Boutwell, Ethan McBride, Lauren Lambeth, Ashley Lancaster, Victoria Creamer, Brittany Evans, Amanda Dunn, Tyler Hutchcraft, Drake False and Johnathan Maxwell.
Pollard McCall Fifth Grade
Jamie Andrews, Amanda Godwin, Sarah Steele, A. J. Odom, Blakelee White, Courtney Crawford, Aaron Morris, Katie Arrant and Daris Cofield.
Pollard McCall Sixth Grade
Abbott Thomas, Monica Dunn, Sam Nichols, B. J. Ammons, Dillon Cantu and Clay Hawthorne.
Pollard McCall Seventh Grade
Amber Godwin, Sadie Ammons and Katie Peters.
Pollard McCall Eighth Grade
Frankie Evans.
W. S. Neal Fifth Grade
Kristina Scarborough, Justin Tompkin, Hillary Wiggins and Elizabeth Madewell.

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