Joyner gets ready to cook on T.V.

Published 3:03 pm Wednesday, May 12, 2004

By Staff
Feature Reporter
There is another television series being planned at this very minute and the unusual thing about it is the fact that it will be filmed right here in Brewton. Danny Joyner has had some good feedback about the idea of a television series that will be called "Cookin' with the Country Boy." There was even an interview last week with a representative of Alabama Public Television. With a great deal of help from Dale Faust and his connections with television, Joyner's show is coming together.
It will be a cooking show with guest cooks who will prepare some of their favorite old-time southern recipes.
Joyner believes that country folk, especially southern country folk, are the backbone of the nation and still hold with the old time traditions of being polite to their elders, being proud to get emotional about the display of the flag and just plain down home cooking. It is this belief that makes him sure that the show will be successful.
Joyner was raised in East Brewton and attended W.S. Neal High School, graduating in 1973. He played in the band while he was in high school and played baseball. He went to Jefferson Davis Junior College and planned to attend a four year college. That all changed when Police Chief Glen Holt called and asked him if he wanted to be the dispatcher at the police department. That was the beginning of working at the police department for the next 14 years, rising to the rank of lieutenant. He graduated from Southwest Alabama Police Academy and Specialized FBI Training. He then worked at the Escambia County Sheriff's Department for about a year. It was while he was there that he came up with the idea of opening his own business in the field of security.
During this time Joyner married Louise Massingill and they raised two sons, Darren and Brock. At the age of three, Brock was diagnosed with Dushene Muscular Dystrophy. He died at the age of 20 and much of his life was spent in a wheel chair requiring a great deal of care.
Joyner ran for the House of Representatives in 1988 and for Alabama State Senator in 1994 and 1998, although he didn't win.
While he was working at the sheriff's department, he realized that he needed more time to be with his son. He knew that what he needed was a job that would be flexible enough to allow him to have that time. The idea of a safety and security business came to him at that time and he began the work while he was with the sheriff's department.
His connections with law enforcement opened many doors for Joyner. He knew that there were people who were in need of what he could offer in the way of security. He founded Safety and Security Consultants Inc., specializing in drug and alcohol testing, OSHA and D.O.T. compliance and industrial security systems design.
Joyner has Labrador dogs and his own kennel, Lonesome Dove Kennels, where he trains the retrievers. It was through that connection that he met Dale Faust. His dog has sired some puppies and he knew that Faust had been wanting a Labrador. He carried him a puppy. Later, Faust was looking for a home with space for having his outdoor television studio, and there was a place available near Joyner. Now Faust has his business just across the way from the Joyner home. The two discussed Labrador dogs and eventually got to talking about cooking.
The idea came together and now Joyner has modified his backyard to be able to tape the shows right there at home. He has a building that shelters a large barbecue pit along with eating space which will be the location of the show. They are working to get enough shows ready for a season and a pilot looking for sponsorship. He is pretty sure that there will be no trouble with sponsorship. He has already lined up some local people to do some cooking and has his own logo for the show.
Joyner is a member of First Baptist Church of Brewton. He is not only a member, but a very active one. He sings in the choir and teaches a Sunday school class on Sunday morning. There are a bunch of older men who think the world of him and his being their teacher. He cares a great deal for them. He stays in touch with each and every one of them to see how they are doing and to the word of God with them. He is also a lay speaker and has spoken many times at various churches.
He is a volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, a certified instructor with the U.S. Department of Labor, former vice-president of the Alabama Peace Officers Association, active member of Promise Keepers and was voted Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 1983-84.
One thing is for sure. Danny Joyner is certainly a busy man. He is keeping busy with his many projects and now has a new one that is close to his heart. Son Darren is now married and recently he and his wife presented the Joyners with their first grandchild.

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