Relay for Life is a success thanks to lots of hard work

Published 3:14 pm Wednesday, May 12, 2004

By Staff
It's not uncommon to hear someone in Brewton say that we're fortunate to have such a nice YMCA right here in town. Normally, that's meant in a general sense. People say it in recognition of the fact that it's unusual for a town our size to be home to such a modern and well-equipped work-out facility and community center.
But on Friday, April 29 people were talking about how lucky we are to have the Y for another reason altogether, one much more specific. That was the night the local Relay for Life was held. Orginally slated to take place on the T.R. Miller High School athletic track, the Relay had to be moved some place with a roof when it became clear the weather wasn't going to allow for its being held outside.
It was relocated to the Y, and once again everyone was reminded that we're lucky to have the facility. But as the evening played out, it became apparent that what this community is really lucky to have is the people who organized and participated in Relay. Thanks to them, the event was going to be a success no matter where it was held.
Forty-six thousand dollars was raised, and those who've battled cancer -- successfully and otherwise -- were recognized. The only drops that fell were a few tears shed, but those were expected.