County races have been run respectfully so far

Published 3:48 pm Wednesday, May 19, 2004

By Staff
This is a political year in Escambia County, but you wouldn't know it by the talk on the streets.
In many places, "political year" might well mean mudslinging between candidates, but that hasn't been the case here so far. Almost without exception, those involved in our local races seem to be going about the business of getting elected in a respectable fashion.
Someone asked us the other day if that was what we really wanted as a newspaper -- the implication being that unless our races got down and dirty, we wouldn't have much to write about here.
On the contrary, there will be plenty to cover as the races move on, even without any bad-mouthing going on, and it's refreshing to see people behaving well. We hope that our city elections in Brewton and East Brewton play out in the same way.
Despite what people may think about how newspapers do what they do, we want to see our communities portrayed positively as much as anyone else. And how those seeking our votes act in public plays a part in that.

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