Another McGowin generation in area

Published 6:03 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2004

By Staff
I don't want this McGowin material to get too long but I do want to continue another couple of generations.
Mary Ann McGowin (1 Sept. 1832-7 July 1874), daughter of Samuel and Martha Mason, married William Foshee (1 Feb. 1825-19 Jan. 1882) in 1849. William was the son of James Stewart Foshee and Martha Parker. The Foshee family is said to have been originally from France. James Stewart Foshee was born 25 Aug. 1772 in Georgia and died 16 March 1860. He was in farming and the lumber business all of his life and became quite wealthy, owning several plantations and lumber interests.
The children of Mary Ann and William Foshee were Virginia Foshee (22 April 1851-24 Jan. 1904) who married William D. Hart, Martha Foshee (22 Dec. 1852) who married Joseph W. Bradley, Alexander Foshee (19 March 1858-2 Aug. 1889), George James Foshee (27 May 1860) who married Gattsy Barrow, Alabama Foshee (9 June 1862) who married J.B. Brewton, John William Foshee (18 Aug. 1864-29 Dec. 1886), Sarah Foshee (30 Sept. 1866) who married Watt W. Moore and Mary Ann Foshee (7 Feb. 1874) who married W.A. Robinson.
Peter McGowin (24 Oct. 1833-19 Dec. 1863), son of Samuel and Martha Mason McGowin, married Nancy Floyd, daughter of Thomas M. Floyd and Elizabeth Ann Bryant.
They were the parents of Thomas Jackson McGowin (22 June 1858-12 Jan. 1925) who married Ida Pickens Lovelace, daughter of Ezekiel P. Lovelace and Lucretia Raborn, Samuel L.(Lewis) McGowin (6 Oct. 1859-29 Sept. 1928) who married first Ada Bethea, second Madge Parker and third Mary Hogan and Alexander McGowin (24 May 1861-22 Nov. 1907) who married Emma Rankin.
Alexander McGowin (16 Jan. 1835-19 July 1914) married Nancy Floyd McGowin after the death of his brother in the war. He was a farmer, school teacher and ran a country store. He also went into the lumber business with his brothers-in-law, Elbert J. Blow and Reuben Hart. He and Nancy had Joseph F. McGowin (25 July 1867-16 Nov. 1937) who married Minnie Olive Leonard, James Greeley McGowin (24 June 1871-1 Jan. 1934) who married Essie Stallworth, Bruce McGowin (23 June 1873-29 Dec. 1898), Everette McGowin (22 Aug. 1868-23 April 1893), Martha Elizabeth McGowin (10 March 1871-13 May 1953) and Jessie McGowin (11 March 1873-30 June 1942) who married William Edward Foshee, son of Matilda Catherine McGowin and Stewart James Foshee.
Samuel McGowin (11 Nov. 1836-22 July 1862) died in the war.
James McGowin (9 Feb. 1838-23 Nov. 1917) married Martha Ghent. They were the parents of Addie Bell McGowin (27 May 1863-28 Dec. 1936) who married Evander B. White, Mary Agnes McGowin (8 July 1866-5 April 1954) who married Napoleon Bonaparte Dixon, John Charnic McGowin (6 July 1868-3 March 1952) who married Leila M. Earle, Fielding Taylor McGowin (22 May 1871-28 April 1899) who married Belle Reynolds and Samuel Walker McGowin (8 Sept. 1873-14 Oct. 1914) who married Josephine McGowin, daughter of Charles McGowin and Martha White.
The next two sons, Joseph McGowin (22 April 1839-31 Dec. 1862) and Anthony Lewis McGowin (11 Oct. 1840-23 Feb. 1864) both died in the war.
I will continue with the McGowin family next week.