Law should make drug abuse easier to combat

Published 6:28 pm Monday, June 21, 2004

By Staff
Drug addiction sends more lives spiraling toward disaster than just about any other destructive force in American society. Once the uncontrollable desire to satisfy an addiction takes hold of a person, just about every other priority takes a back seat. We've all heard the stories, and know that all too often they don't have happy endings.
Many times, a pattern of addiction that can ruin a life takes hold when a person is young, and begins with a substance that might be more close at hand than crack, crystal meth or even marijuana. Often it's alcohol, but more and more, it's a prescription medication. They can do wonders for those who obtain them legally, with a legitimate prescription. But they're equally harmful -- potentially disastrous -- for those who abuse them illegally.
In Escambia County, drugs like Oxy Contin and Xanax have become as big a problem as any substance cooked up in an illegal backwoods lab, especially among young people. A bill signed last month by Gov. Bob Riley hopes to help combat that by creating a database for tracking prescriptions, thereby curbing a person's ability to get multiple orders for a drug filled by multiple doctors. Area law enforcement officers are in fravor of the new measue, and here's hoping it proves as useful a tool as they're anticipating. Anything that keeps more drugs from making their way into the hands of our caounty's youth will be welcome.