Time, knowledge great gifts

Published 6:27 pm Monday, June 21, 2004

By Staff
As I've been getting to know this community over the last six months, I'm often pleasantly surprised by how willing community members are to contribute to the educational needs of area students.
Most recently, I saw an example of that generosity this Friday morning when W.S. Neal Middle School's counselor, Carolyn Brown, invited me to the school for a demonstration.
On the last day of their two-week summer enrichment program, a group of Neal Middle students were visited by volunteers with the Escambia County Rescue Squad. Those volunteers -- Sammy Smith, Stevie Jo Martin and Ed Jernigan -- showed the kids around the Rescue Squad's truck and the equipment they use and did a demonstration.
I learned later from information that Brown gave me about the two-week program that the students had visited with several people from the community. I want to list those people here for two reasons -- because I think they deserve recognition for donating their time to the children, and because readers should know about what a great opportunity for "enrichment" Neal Middle students had this summer.
I know that this is but one program at one school, and there must be lists and lists of names of people who contribute in some way to the education of Brewton's and East Brewton's children throughout the year.
A great number of those people are not employed by either Brewton City Schools or Escambia County Schools and many don't even have children in those school systems.
What motivates them to share their time or knowledge with students? Probably for the same reason anyone donates time, money or energy to a worthy cause -- just for the satisfaction of having contributed.
Thanks are owed to Mrs. Brown and the Neal Middle faculty who put this program together, and to all of the volunteers who enriched it with their participation.

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