Council analyzing cost of comprehensive sewer work

Published 6:40 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2004

By By JOHN DILMORE JR. Publisher
The Brewton City Council voted last night to conduct a detailed cost analysis of needed sewer additions and repairs around the city, to be presented at their next regularly scheduled meeting on July 13.
At that time, the council will look to decide upon a method of funding the work.
The issue of sewer additions and improvements was raised at last night's council meeting by residents of the Alexander Heights and West Alexander neighborhoods, who have been experiencing problems with their individual septic units.
The homeowners would like the city to go ahead with plans for installing sewer lines in the two neighborhoods, a project that is expected to cost about $1 million.
Boshell described problems he and his neighbors have been having as potential health risks.
Alexander Heights resident David Jennings echoed those sentiments, saying, "We're asking you to please come together with a plan."
The proposed $1 million worth of work in the two neighborhoods is part of a $10 million total it would take to finish all sewer addition and improvement work in Brewton.
Those figures are based upon a year-old analysis, which is why it was decided a new evaluation of the costs should be undertaken.
Mayor Ted Jennings, who said he thinks all the city's sewer-related issues should be dealt with together, said that there were three ways to fund the work: 1) With a bond issue that would be repaid by raising everyone's rates; 2) With targeted assessments aimed at those who benefit from the work, or; 3) Through the acquisition of grant funding.
With the new cost analysis in hand, the council can move forward with deciding between the possible funding methods.
In other action last night, the council:

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