McGowin boys who died in the Civil War

Published 6:36 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I am going to give some more of the McGowin family this week. I hope you are not getting too tired of them.
The eighth child of Samuel McGowin and Martha Mason was Thomas McGowin (13 Aug. 1842-6 Oct. 1890) who married Amanda Bryant. He owned and ran the ferry across the river seven miles south of Brooklyn. They were the parents of Mary McGowin, Peter McGowin (22 Sept. 1872-1874), Sarah Jane McGowin, Alex Boge McGowin, Samuel Scranton McGowin, Martha Elizabeth McGowin, James Crossly McGowin, Joe McGowin, Lewis McGowin and John Thomas McGowin.
John Charnic McGowin (12 Nov. 1843-29 July 1862) died in camp at Gainsville, Ala. during the war.
Sarah Jane McGowin (5 Nov. 1845-23 Feb. 1908) married Reuben Sylvester Hart, son of Isaac Hart and Mary McArthur, and their children were Dennis Hart, Andrew Jackson Hart, infant girl, Ruby Hart and Ursie Hart.
Martha Elizabeth McGowin (13 March 1847-7 Jan. 1898) married Uriah Blacksher, son of Jeptha Blacksher and Martha M. Mayo. Their children were Mattie Idell Blacksher, Erasmus Manford Blacksher, Margaret Elizabeth Blacksher and twins who died in infancy.
Ann Elizabeth McGowin (29 Nov. 1848-4 March 1903) married Elbert J. Blow, son of Cullen Blow and Cecilia Mancill. Their children were Alabama Blow and Elbert J. Blow Jr.
Matilda Katherine McGowin (5 Feb. 1851-30 Dec. 1908) was the last child born to Samuel McGowin and Martha Mason. She married Stewart James Foshee, son of James Stewart Foshee and Cassaline Amanda Clements. Their children were Lewis James Foshee, William Edward Foshee, Mason Foshee, Martha Foshee, Samuel Foshee, John David Foshee, Mary Foshee, Clyde Foshee, Eugene Foshee, Georgia Foshee, Bruce Foshee and Erasmus Manford Foshee.
That is as far as I will go with this family. I was able to obtain photographs of some of the boys of Samuel and Martha Mason McGowin and I thought the readers would like to see them. Remember that five out of their eight sons were killed or died during the Civil War.