Some ideas for using your extra cucumbers

Published 6:41 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2004

By Staff
SWhat do you do when you have an over abundance of large cucumbers?
Not a person for letting things go to waste, Marilyn Ivey, of Appleton Road in Brewton, knew exactly what to do -- she made Apple Ring Cucumber Pickles. This recipe utilizes the larger cucumber. She loves making special treats for her family and friends to enjoy! This is the recipe she used:
Apple Ring Cucumber Pickles
You will need:
2 gallons cucumbers
2 cups lime
8-1/2 quarts water
Wash, peel and slice large cucumbers about 1/2-inch thick. Remove seeds in center with a spoon. (A grapefruit spoon works fine.) Mix lime and water. Soak cucumbers in lime water 24 hours. Drain and wash with clean water. Soak cucumbers in cool ice water for three hours. Drain.
Mix together:
1 cup vinegar
1 small (1-ounce) bottle red or green food color
1 tablespoon alum
Add enough water to cover pickles. Simmer two hours. Drain, discarding water.
Mix together:
8 sticks cinnamon
5 cups water
10 cups sugar
2 packages (1-1/2 ounce each) red hots cinnamon candy
Add to rings. Bring to a boil. Soak overnight. Remove rings and put in jars with four cloves in each jar. Bring pickling mixture to a boil and cover pickles in jars. Process in boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes.
Here's an additional recipe for utilizing large cucumbers.
Red Cucumber Rings
First Day -- Wash and peel seven pounds large cucumbers. Cut in 1/4-inch slices. Remove seeds in center with spoon. Soak 24 hours in one cup lime and two gallons water. Stir often.
Second Day -- Pour mixture off after 24 hours. Wash slices with clean water. Cover with ice water; let stand for three hours. Drain.
Mix -- 2-1/2 cups vinegar, two cups water and 10 cups sugar. Heat until sugar melts. Pour over drained cucumber slices. Let soak six hours or overnight.
Add -- 10 ounce packages cinnamon candy (red hots), eight sticks cinnamon and two whole cloves. Boil 45 minutes. Pack jars with one stick cinnamon in each jar; cover. Process in water bath canner for 10 minutes.

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