Doors of Brewton a unique promo effort

Published 6:58 pm Monday, June 28, 2004

By Staff
Generating interest in Brewton among those outside our city limits takes energy, enthusiasm, and, perhaps above all, good ideas. Convining people who live elsewhere that this vibrant, but relatively small community has something to make visiting worth their while isn't easy, given all the options there are out there for pass-through stops and end of the line destinations.
A creative knack is needed to let people know that Brewton's a little special.
That knack has been shown by the Brewton Community Association in its creation of The Doors of Brewton, a poster showcasing photos of just what the name would lead one to expect -- some of the city's more architecturally interesting doorways. On sale at NDI The Cracked Pot, the poster is attractive. But more than that, it piques the interest of anyone looking at it. The doors themselves are unique and fun to look at -- but even more fun to wonder about, in terms of what sort of architecture and overall scene they fit into.
The poster could well serve as one big doorway, through which visitors can step in their mind's eye before ever actually seeing the city. This is but the first promotional effort the Community Association has planned. Here's hoping the others show the same creative flair.

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