Reader cites importance of RSVP

Published 7:28 pm Monday, July 5, 2004

By Staff
Dear Editor,
I have heard the most dishearten news today that will affect so many here in Escambia County. The RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) will no longer be in existence after September 30, 2004. Shame on our Escambia County Commissioners and County Administrator!
How can a program as wonderful as this one that benefits so many just be pushed aside?
What will our seniors do at tax time (counseling and assistance) as they are trying to get their taxes done, the same taxes that pay the above salaries? RSVP services include the nursing home programs -- where they are in the facilities several times weekly -- providing their time and compassion, every year they work with others to provide Christmas gifts for each resident. In the hospitals RSVP volunteers set up patients charts and work in different departments to free up paid staff to give hands on care.
Providing transportation to those in need for doctor appointments, buying groceries, things we take for granted. They help also signing up clients for ALLKIDS and involved at the Department of Human Resources.
These volunteers are in the local school systems reading to the generation that will one day be the voters in this county. The powers that be need to realize that the ones they are cutting off are the ones who put and keep them in office.
I got to experience watching eight high school students working as servers at the RSVP Recognition Dinner in May, and they made comments that the people there (all vital volunteers working through RSVP) weren't part of the past but still an important part of their futures. If they can see it….why can't you?
Bobalean M. Rush