Stay safe on the roads this holiday weekend

Published 7:29 pm Monday, July 5, 2004

By Staff
This Fourth of July weekend should be a fun one -- with cookouts, fireworks, trips to the beach -- but as with any holiday weekend, extra caution should be taken when traveling.
With all of the celebration, many will undoubtedly be drinking this weekend. You can safeguard your family and friends by being sure no one drinks and drives, but there's always a chance that someone else on the road will not be driving safely. We should all take care throughout the weekend and be extra attentive to the drivers around us.
Many people from this area and throughout the state will be traveling our highways and interstates this weekend to visit the beach or other recreational areas. All of that extra traffic can be frustrating and dangerous for an unfocused driver.
Also, with more drivers on the roads, driving at high speeds can be catastrophic, because more traffic means more opportunity for unpredictable actions from the drivers around you. This Fourth of July -- or any other time -- it's always better to arrive a little later than to put yourself or your passengers in jeopardy. Also, being stopped by law enforcement for speeding doesn't make a trip any faster.
Finally, it's always vital to wear seat belts and to require passengers to wear their seat belts. Too many car accidents end in death when taking a few seconds to buckle up can save lives.
This holiday week should be enjoyed fully with family, friends and neighbors, and taking only short time to think and drive safely will ensure that it is.