All-Star tournaments require effort from many

Published 7:50 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2004

By Staff
The area has been buzzing for at least the past week over this year's All Star baseball tournaments. A lot of work from many people in this community and nearby communities goes into making these games happen.
Not only have parents and families and other enthusiasts been driving all over the area to attend games, but many coaches and organizers have been hard at work preparing the young players for what must be a memorable annual experience.
While the tournaments have ended early for some of our local teams and some continue to play and hope for one win after another, all who have been involved deserve commendation for giving these kids a chance to play.
If asked, any young player would probably say that they do it just because it's fun to play baseball. All the efforts from parents and active community members behind the scenes, ought to only serve that goal -- giving kids a chance to enjoy playing baseball.
We wish our local teams who are still playing out their tournaments good luck in winning, but most of all we wish them a good time and a good game.

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