Everyone's participation is called for in local elections

Published 8:08 pm Thursday, July 15, 2004

By Staff
Qualification for Brewton's and East Brewton's city elections will continue until July 20, but many have already entered the race.
Both those who have served as mayor or on the councils for years and those who are taking a shot at a place in local government for the first time express a desire to bring positive change to our cities and to work to continue those efforts that have brought improvement in the past.
Campaigning for local office and gaining the trust of would-be constituents is no small job, but those who choose to run for office take that task on while still maintaining their full time jobs, families and other community projects. Regardless of who we support in these races, all the candidates deserve admiration for making an effort to serve a community they care for.
Those of us not running for office also owe this community our participation by coming out to vote on Aug. 24.

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