The Black family in county

Published 8:32 pm Wednesday, July 21, 2004

By Staff
This week I want to tell you a little bit about the Black family. There are many descendants living in this area, although they may be unaware of that fact. Most of the descendants that I know about have other names. Some of this information came from the internet and some from material given to me by June Taylor.
Henry J. Black was born about 1780 in Virginia and married Nancy Danner who was born about 1790. They had at least these children, Edmond D. Black (1804-1857), Vicey Jane Black (24 March 1810 in Ga.-8 Sept. 1899) who married John Garner, William Henry Black (abt.1811 in Georgia), Rial Black (1819) who married Martha Ann Shaw, Martha Black (1815) who married Richard Eddins, Henry J. Black (17 Feb. 1824-21 July 1858) who married Martha Ann Graves, Abraham C. Black (28 Aug. 1820-5 Dec. 1899) who married Charity Wilson and then to Anna T. Johnson, Dorinda Melissa Jane Black (17 Jan. 1825) who married Thomas Mims, Andrew Jackson Black (14 Jan. 1827-18 Jan. 1901) who married Nancy M. Tatom, Daniel D. Black (1830) who married Frances Danner and Catherine Black who married J.A. Maughn.
William Henry Black Sr. died in Barbour or Pike County, Ala. about 1877. He married in 1828 to Nicey Minchew who was born about 1811 in Ga., the daughter of Jacob Minchew and Sarah Holmes They lived in Pike or Barbour County and most of their children were born there. Their children were Martha Black (1829), Abraham B. Black (29 March 1831), Nancy Black (1834), Henry Black (1835), Rebecca Black (1837), William Henry Black Jr. (1838), Isaac Black (1841), James Black (1844), Edmond Black (1845), Sallie Elmira Black (14 June 1847) and Mary Magdalene Black (22 July 1850).
William Henry Black Sr. married the second time to Elmira before 1870.
Martha Black (1829-1912) married a Graves and their children were Stephen William Graves (22 May 1849-29 Dec. 1918) who married Sarah Steele and Elizabeth Graves (1847) who married a McArthur.
Martha Black remarried to Bryant L. Presley (1834-1905) and they had Floyd L. Presley (1857) who married Dora Foster, George Presley (1857) who married Margaret E. McCrany, Bryant Abraham Presley (1862) who married Lou Lemma Dyes, Mary E. Presley (1863) who married James C. Campbell, John H. Presley (1866) who married Matlita Gibson and Elena Adams, Nicey Elmira Presley (1868) who married William Dobbs, Artimesuer Presley (1870) who married John Conway and Anthony Virgil Presley (1873) who married Lemma Nell Neal.
The child that I am most familiar is Abraham B. Black (29 March 1831). He married Claris Odor who was born 25 May 1834. Their children were Claris Black (14 Sept. 1860), Abraham Black (1866), Elizabeth Black (1869), George Black (1871), John I. Black (1876), Kenneth Black, Louisa Black and Lizzie Black. More on them later.
Nancy Black (1834-1898) married John S. Atwood and they had Mary Elizabeth Atwood (1857-1929) who married Richard Stanton, William G. Atwood (1859) who married Nancy Evans Truck Powell, Isaac T. Atwood (1862) who married Sarah J. Davis, John Bell Atwood (1864) who married Willie Lee Powell, James Phillips Atwood (1866) who married Lilly Stemwinder, Julie Harvey Atwood (1870) who married R.R. Smith and Sarah Howard Atwood (1872) who married William Parrish.
Henry B. Black (1836) married Mae M. Bird and they had five children. Rebecca Black (1838) who married James Edins. William Henry Black Jr. (1840) married Mary Jane Stephenson and had seven children.
Isaac Black (1842-1864) married Arkansas Odor, daughter of Frank T. Odor and Marshall McClellan. They were the parents of Frederick Black (1867) who married Lemma Ball, Poll Black (7 Sept. 1869-1 Sept. 1945) who married Ben. C. Thompson, Henry Black (1872), Nicy Ellie Nora Black (9 Nov. 1873-25 Jan. 1911) who married Blake P. Burnham, Estella Black (1876), Lizzie Black (1879) who married Edward Ludlum, Frank Black (1882), John Black (1886) and George M. Black (1889).
James P. Black (1844) married Rebecca and Edmond Black (1845-1923) married Margaret Thompson.
Next week I will tell you what I know about the family of Abraham Black and its connections. There are many descndants living in this area and northwest Florida. Most of them that I am familiar with are from the Jernigan family are at least related to them.