All are responsible for making community its best

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2004

By Staff
Do you know how many people would -- as the old saying goes -- have given their eye teeth to have been in Brewton's position this week?
Southern Living, the ever-popular regional authority on all things Southern, was in our community this week taking photographs for an article that will appear in one of their summer editions in 2005. The story and photographs will appear in the Travel section and will feature some of the truly unique stores in our community.
This didn't happen because a photographer or writer happened through town and thought it was an interesting place to stop. The magazine literally receives thousands of requests to be featured each year. Much behind-the-scenes legwork convinced representatives of the magazine to come here to scout the community. When they scouted Brewton earlier this year, the hospitality they were extended no doubt convinced them that Brewton would be a great subject for a future feature.
If we want our community to continue to receive such accolades, each of us must be ever mindful of the personal responsibility we have for the quality of life in our community. One never knows when a regional magazine or an economic prospect might be visiting and watching. And little things -- like flowers or fresh paint or a friendly face or a warm greeting -- make tremendous differences.
Southern Living's article and the visitors who will be here next summer as a result of their work are great things to be excited about. What are you doing to get ready for them?